Making Subjects and Verbs Agree

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Making Subjects and Verbs Agree
You want readers to pay attention to your ideas, not to unexpected and co ing word forms. Readers can be confused if the subjects and verbs of sen don't fit together. With a singular subject, you need a singular verb; with a pl subject, you need a plural 'verb. This agreement between subjects and ye sometimes difficult because some word forms are unusual and some sent are complicated. This chapter will show you how to overcome the difficulties you edit. You'll learn
■how to make subjects and verbs work together
■how to recognize exceptions and handle them correctly
What Is Subject-Verb Agreement?
Subjects can be nouns or pronouns. They can be singular: representing one son, place, or thing. Or they can be plural: representing more than Likewise, the verbs that work with subjects can have singular or plural forms. singular subject goes with a singular verb and a plural subject with a pl verb. That's subject-verb agreement.
Subject-verb agreement occurs only in tenses that deal with the present with just one verb in the past tense, which we'll discuss in Chapter 19. Ri now, we'll focus on the present tense agreement.
Since in English sentences the subject generally comes before the verb, the f the verb takes depends on its subject. So we'll begin by looking at the sin and plural forms of nouns. You will need to be able to recognize these forms order to check subject-verb agreement.

A singular noun, which usually doesn't end in -s, takes a verb that ends in -s:
A jaguar is an animal that runs fast.
One professional athlete owns a Jaguar—the fancy, expensive car.
A plural noun, which normally ends in -s or -es, takes a verb without an -s ending:
Jaguars are members of the cat family.
Many professional athletes make millions of dollars.
The -s or -es ending for plural nouns whether they're subjects or objects is important, for it tells readers that you mean more than one. And the -s ending on present tense verbs is important, for it reminds readers that the subject is singular.
Both nouns and verbs add -es if they end in –s, -ss, -ch, -sh, -z, or -x.


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