Writing Supporting Sentences

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There are common mistakes made by a writer when they write a paragraph. The mistakes
1. There are irrelevant sentences.
2. Supporting sentences are not related to topic sentence.
3. Supporting sentences are too general.
4. A paragraph only consists of supporting sentences without topic sentence.
I. Irrelevant sentences
Read the following paragraph!
Storm in North Miami caused many buildings ruined. At least 50 houses lost their
roof. Fifteen houses were totally damaged. Two public schools were broken. Local
government predicts that it needs much money and takes a long time to recover those
The last sentence does not have anything to do with the ruined buildings. In fact, it
creates a new focus i.e. local government prediction of total damages. It does not mention
the ruined buildings. Therefore, the last is irrelevant sentence.
II. Supporting sentences which are not related to the topic sentence.
Music produces many products like cassette, CD, MP3, MP4, etc. These products
have advantages and disadvantages. A cassette costs from Rp 17.500 to Rp 25.000 and a
CD costs at least Rp 45.000. MP3 and MP4 are much more expensive than CD and
cassette, for about Rp 150.000-Rp300.000.
The second sentence is the topic sentence. The controlling ideas are advantages and
disadvantages. In contrary, the supporting sentences do not mention the advantages and
disadvantages of the products, but they compare the cost of CD’s, cassettes, MP3 and
Dangdut is very popular in my country. I have 40 CD’s in my disc rack. I always
play 3-6 CD’s every night before I go to bed or when I study. In this month, I am
planning to attend Dangdut concert in Jogjakarta. I wish I could take some pictures of
my favorite singers.
The supporting sentences in the paragraph above do not explain how Dangdut becomes
popular in writer’s country. They talk about the writer’s interest of Dangdut. They
explain how many collections she/he has, his/her habit, and his/her plan.
III. General supporting sentence
The repairs on my car were much more expensive than I had anticipated. I think I
was overcharged for everything. I never imagined that the final bill would be so high. I
had to borrow some money from my friend to pay it.
The paragraph above has a good topic sentence but the supporting sentences are too
general, e.g the second and the third sentence. Those sentences can be specified. For
example, those sentences can be replaced by “I had to pay $395 to get the brakes repaired
and another $100 to get the wheel aligned. The engine oil change was $30, and the
replacement of the air filter was another $20.” These sentences indicate that the bill was
so high or very expensive.
IV. A paragraph without topic sentence
Thailand has miles of empty beaches. They are beautiful, clean, and crowded, even in
summer. You can spend the whole afternoon on a beach and not see another person.
In Japan, on the other hand, the beaches are very crowded. You can hardly find a
place to sit down at the more popular Japanese beaches. The beaches in Northern
differ in another way. The water is so cold, so most people go to the beach only to
sunbathe. Along the French Riviera, the beaches are rocky, not sandy as they are on
tropical islands. Each type of beach – empty or crowded, sandy or rocky – has its
own special qualities to enjoy
If you take a look closely at the paragraph, the paragraph talks about the beaches in Thailand,
Japan, Northern, and French Riviera. It does not have a topic sentence which can generalize
those supporting sentences.
1. I love eating food from different countries.
- I go to Hoka-Hoka Bento twice a month and my favorite menu is Ebi Katsu.
- Every weekend when my sister visits me, I order Pizza.
- When I pick up my brother from his school, I often buy Kebab which is near
from his school.
2. There are several ways to conserve electricity.
3. It is almost impossible to study in my dormitory.


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